Interdisciplinary Training for Dancers


Devising and Movement Direction

with Steven Hoggett

When: 28th August 10am - 5pm

Where: Centre 151, 151 Whiston Road, London, E2 8BL

Price: £70 early bird if booked before midnight 31st July, £80 full price

How to apply: ITD workshops are aimed at professional dancers or those in vocational training. Please e-mail to book a place.


Interdisciplinary training for dancers (ITD) is a new series of workshops that aim to deliver high quality workshops in skills and methodologies that dancers would not normally have access to.

What a Clown workshop can cover

The workshop covers the basics of Clown, how to enter Clown state, some physical comedy techniques, comedy craft techniques, release into play, the principles of laughter creation and management, audience awareness, audience engagement, rhythm work and the concept of play. 

Lily teaches beginners and those with more clowning experience. Each student receives training at the appropriate level. Beginners are given confidence shown the way and more established performers/practitioners receive more challenge and deepen skills.

 Outcomes for Clown

  • Confidence improved

  • Playfulness released

  • Physicality opened up

  • Permission to be and express a fuller spectrum of yourself

  • Greater understanding of the art of creating magic for an audience

  • Improvisation skills and confidence increased

  • Increased authenticity

  • Increased trust in spontaneity, being in the moment

  • Increased awareness of rhythm and texture and its application to performance

  • Increased awareness of the fellow performer – for scene work and ensemble play

  • Some comedy craft techniques

  • Increased understanding of laughter creation and management

  • How to deal with ‘failure’

  • Increased responsiveness - learning to trust impulses


Short video on Red Nose Clown Work:

Red Nose -




Peta Lily is an award-winning performer/theater maker, known for her well-reviewed shows including Wendy DarlingBegToplessMidriffInvocationChastity Belt and Imperfection. In her early career she mixed dance and mime skills with theatre and acting and was recognised as one of the artists at the forefront of the Physical Theatre movement alongside other companies like Complicitéand Trestle and contemporaneous with early dance theatre practitioners/companies such as Matthew Bourne and DV8.

As well as teaching at several major Drama Schools, Lily also teaches regular open theatre courses including: Physical Theatre Techniques; Take it Further; Comedy Toolbox; Clown and Dark Clown. Her Clown teaching is sought after in UK and Europe and her  teaching style is described as supportive and inspiring. She is used to teaching people from a variety of disciplines.

As a director, recent works include  the award-winning Je Regrette (La Poule Plombee) for Sarah-Louise Young, and Fiona Coffey's A Touch of Mrs Robinsonfor the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.

Peta pioneers research in Dark Clown. Her paper The Comedy of Terrors – Dark Clown & Enforced Performance was delivered at the Bath Spa University. Jon Davison discusses her Dark Clown work in his book, Clown - a reader in theatre practice (Palgrave MacMillan). Look out for the documentary: Peta Lily’s Dark Clown: Taking Laughter to the Limits.