"Sam Coren’s Gully was the piece that challenged me the most"

"This piece evoked a shuddery, paranoiac sense of feeling"

"Gully...uses set and props to create a fascinating, science fiction style landscape"

"the worst birthday party ever"




Image credits left to Right : Sam Coren, Tony Birch, N/A, Tony Birch

Choreography/Direction: Sam Coren

Design: Kasper Hansen

Lighting design: Lawrie McLennan 

Performers: Frédéric Despierre, Philip Hulford, Kim Kohlman, Sita Ostheimer

10 May 
UK, Dance City, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, In Good Company

14 May
UK, Brighton Festival, Brighton, In Good Company

16 May
UK, DanceEast, Ipswich, In Good Company

6-7 June
UK, The Place, London, In Good Company