Open Theatre is the name Sam has given to his artistic and pedagogical practises. 

It stems from the idea that the future of performing arts is interdisciplinary and it has this ethos at its very core. A belief that creators and performers should not limit themselves by their core genre; The core genre being the main practise of the artist. This is not only cross-art approach to creation and performance but also as an approach to pedagogy.

Open Theatre is a methodology of creation and performance which prioritises no specific genre over another. During creation Sam explore's dance, theatre, circus, puppetry, technology and other forms until we settle with a combination of genres/skills that best communicate the idea at hand. The result is that the work can swing from pure dance to pure theatre and everything in-between, not only from piece to piece but also within the confines of one creation.

As a teacher expanding from his 'core genre' (dance) Sam teaches classes and workshops that aim to train dancers in interdisciplinary practises, primarily bridging the gap between dance and theatre with an emphasis on characterisation through movement, presence and performance. His classes are largely improvised movement but take influence from techniques such as Stanislavsky, Meisner, clowning, mime and mask.