Trumpet Creepers Shoot

Added on by Sam Coren.

So my friend flora asked me to come and take some shots of her new project at the albert (a new arts space in queens park, keep your eyes on it). The space was an old school gym, and the task was netball/dancing. 

So I went armed with a fuji super colour 400 film and an ilford HP5 400 not knowing what to expect, the space was great, but the lighting was tricky. The hall had huge windows down one side which meant the light was very imbalanced (but beautiful), I couldn't shoot towards the windows without creating a slight silhouette of the guys.

I prefer portraiture so this was a good challenge to get some action shots, but inevitably I fell back to portraits without realising! The space was great, reminded me of school again. Especially the colour/complexity of the floor acted as a natural frame for the dancers